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Reclaiming Your Body After Breast Cancer

A Survivors Guide to Filling in the GAP Between Breast Cancer and Your New Favorite Self. A unique on-line program revealing insights and myofascal therapy techniques to bridge the GAP between recovering from breast cancer and 

Your New Favorite Self!

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We believe tight, painful, swollen, tender, twisted, numb, disconnected, isolated, and scared is not a stopping point in your Breast Cancer Recovery.  You are not alone.  Many of your fellow breast cancer survivors have landed in the same GAP...The gap between your final cancer treatment and your new favorite self

A Healthy Bust is a MUST

Your cancer story doesn't have to be shared through a pink t-shirt that barely covers your deep scars, hard and twisted implants, and pools of lymphedema

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You too can learn how to decrease pain, reconnect with yourself, and RECLAIM YOUR BODY

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-Your Scars Can Soften and Fade

-Your Skin Can Stretch and Move Freely

-Your Pain Can Melt Away and Even Disappear 

A Healthy Bust is a MUST

What if you could get back to that class at the gym?


What if you woke up in the morning and instead of that tired but wired feeling you actually felt rested?             


Waited in line at the grocery store and you didn't dread and contemplate the C word once?


Gain insights, self treatment skills, and knowledge


Reclaim Your Body and Feel Great after breast cancer

Get Your Free Guide - 3 Essential Steps to Scar Release

Let us walk you through REAL Solutions for your lingering pain, residual fear, and start to bridge the GAP. Reclaim Your Body and Feel Great after breast cancer

"I came to Beloved Bust after a double mastectomy and reconstruction. I had pain around my implants and very little movement in my left shoulder. I had already tried physical therapy and massage.

After working with Melissa and her team I can now move my shoulder and arm significantly more and I don't feel as restricted in my chest. Her therapy helped my movement and decrease my pain.

I can now do the stretches and exercises on my own and continue to get back to doing what I love. Im so grateful to be free from pain. I highly recommend Beloved Bust to anyone recovering from mastectomy and wanting to feel good in their body again. Her expertise in the area of healing after breast cancer is unmatched and definitely missing from the usual aftercare for breast cancer survivors."

-Tanya Mayer St Louis, MO


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