Reclaim Your Body

After Breast Cancer

Reclaim Your Body After Breast Cancer

Learn 3 Easy Steps to Decrease Pain and Tightness, Soften those Scars and Adhesions, and Reduce Lymphedema

Master the art of Scar Release with this FREE guide

We Believe Tight, Painful, Swollen, Tender, Twisted, Numb, Disconnected, Isolated, and Scared is not a stopping point in your Breast Cancer Recovery

Neither do the other breast cancer survivors who found the same gap…the gap between their final visit with the doctor and the rest of their life.

Remember the beauty of taking a deep breath without that straight jacket around your chest?

A Healthy Bust is a Must

Your cancer story doesn’t have to end with a pink t-shirt that barely covers your deep scars, hard and twisted implants, and pools of lymphedema

All you need is a guide and you too can learn how to decrease pain and tightness, gain peace of mind, and fill in the GAP between breast cancer and your new favorite self.

Your scars can soften and pale

Your skin can stretch and move freely

Pain can fade and fall away

What would it be like to get back to the gym?


What if you woke up in the morning and instead of that “tired but wired” feeling you actually felt rested?


Waited in line at the grocery store and your didn’t dread and contemplate the “c” word once?


Get Ready to Reclaim Your Body

Distance & Online Services

Reconnect with your body as you hop on the phone or connect with me on video so you can get in the drivers seat of your recovery. On-line coaching can include a multitude of self care techniques like scar release that you can totally do at home.  Discover methods to tap into your body's' natural ability to heal as you learn  ways to integrate your body mind connection.( Happy nervous system equals less anxiety and fear ala sweet, sweet sleep) 

Reclaim your Body - a one week intensive at my St Louis clinic

Ramp up the Healing! Come to my clinic here in St. Louis, Missouri and work with a team of myofascial therapists.  Get three Myofascial Therapy Treatments a day and experience the Myofascial Stretching class in person. Work one on one with me as well as with my other therapists along with co-treatments ala two therapist at the same time.(Damn that feels so amazing)

Reclaim Your Body after Breast Cancer... a digital course

You are gonna want to get in on this.  Get access to my 7-week online digital course, Reclaim Your Body After Breast Cancer. Learn the three essential components to help you decrease pain and tightness, gain peace of mind, and fill in the GAP between breast cancer and your new favorite self. Go deep and heal big from your very own living room.  

I'm Melissa Russell ,

As an Expert Level Myofascial Release Therapist, 

I have 20 Years of experience helping women just like you...
Learn to Decrease Pain and Tightness, Gain Peace of Mind, and Fill in the GAP between Breast Cancer and Your New Favorite Self

My Mission is to Empower Women with a Survivor's Guide to fill in the GAP between Breast Cancer and their New Favorite Self 


>>> Find Out More On My About Page

Client Love Notes 

I can't say enough about Melissa and the work she does. She has a tremendous gift of healing and the ability to put you instantly at ease and help you relax into your own body. Melissa has helped me on my healing journey back from breast cancer after I had a partial mastectomy 6 years ago that has lots of scar tissue, pouching, etc. that I basically ignored . Melissa has allowed me take back my breast! She has shown me the tissue release techniques and empowered me to feel good in my skin again.

What a gift! It is incredible what this work can do for your physiological well being. Melissa is an expert at facilitating healing in the body and brings an incredible amount of knowledge, passion and wisdom to her work. What she does is absolutely an art and she is a master!!  If you have stress, chronic pain, injury, restriction, or dysfunction, working with Melissa and her team at Beloved Bust can start you on a healing path and help your body feel amazing.”

Gretchen Gackstatter - St Louis MO


Gretchen Gackstatter - St Louis MO


I came to Beloved Bust after a double mastectomy and reconstruction surgery.  I had pain around my implants and very little movement in my left shoulder. I had already tried physical therapy and massage.  

 After working with Melissa and her team, I can now move my shoulder and arm significantly more and I don’t feel as restricted in my chest.  Her therapy helped my movement and decreased my pain.

 Now I do the stretches and exercises on my own and continue to get back to doing what I love.  I’m so grateful to be free from pain. I highly recommend Melissa and her team at Beloved Bust to anyone recovering from mastectomy and wanting to feel good in their body again.  Her expertise in the area of healing after breast cancer is unmatched and definitely missing from the usual aftercare for breast cancer survivors.”

Tanya Mayer, St Louis MO


Tanya Mayer, St Louis MO


I just wanted to say how much I appreciated your webinar, Scar Release 101. It addressed many of the concerns  I was having and really helped me to move forward through some of my emotional/psychological barriers that I had but didn't even realize. I didn't intellectually realize that the reason I was having difficult time touching or massaging the area was because my body was in the fight or flight response. I followed the techniques you shared and had a big connection and cry with my wounds and it was wonderful. Thank you so much! 

Bonnie McGee

Breast Cancer Thriver

Bonnie McGee

Breast Cancer Thriver


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