Reclaim Your Body, Gain Peace of Mind, and Fill in the GAP Between Breast Cancer and Your New Favorite Self

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Reconnect with your body as you hop on the phone or connect with me on video so you can get in the drivers seat of your recovery. On-line coaching can include a multitude of self care techniques like scar release that you can totally do at home.  Discover methods to tap into your body's' natural ability to heal as you learn  ways to integrate your body mind connection. Happy nervous system equals less anxiety and less fear ala sweet, sweet sleep. 

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Reclaim your Body Week at my Clinic

Ramp up the Healing! Come to my clinic here in St. Louis, Missouri and work with a team of myofascial therapists.  Get three Myofascial Therapy Treatments a day and experience the Myofascial Stretching class in person. Work one on one with me as well as with my other therapists along with co-treatments ala two therapist at the same time.(Damn that feels so amazing) 

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 Event Speaker  

With one out of eight diagnosed with breast cancer, women want to know more about breast care!  I would love to come to your next women’s event or gathering with my signature talk; Breast Care 101

From girlfriend banter to specific myofascial techniques, your guests will leave inspired, motivated, and with a new sense of ease.  As we reclaim our body…we reclaim our life!

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Reclaim Your Body after Breast Cancer... a digital course

You're gonna want to get in on this. I am developing my Beloved Bust digital course so you can go deep and heal big from your very own living room.  Get on our waiting list and I will keep you posted as I get closer to finishing this beauty.






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